No Smoking


No Smoking


Smokers have over the years been increasingly isolated as to where they are able to carry out their unhealthy activities. Public transport was one of the first places to slap restrictions, and by 2007 it became illegal in the UK for anyone to smoke in an enclosed public space. Dedicated smoking areas have been set up outside countless offices and other work spaces. More recently with the advent of vaping, The Royal Society for Public Health has now called for smoking to be banned in ALL public spaces.

The text includes quotes about smoking from various famous people such as Oscar Wilde, Groucho Marx and Bill Hicks.

Published by Bump Books
Publication date: July 2018
Cover: Softcover
Text: Evolution Uncoated
Size: 235mm x 165mm
Pages: 48
Images: 27
ISBN: 978-0-9560320-3-4
Printed in the UK
1st Edition: 100 signed and numbered copies

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